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Transformative Leadership for Women's Rights.....Live at the Tunis Global Gender Equality Forum


Oxfam, CAWTER and live at the Tunisia Annual Forum on Gender Equality 2019: Transformative Approaches for Collective Feminist Leadership to Achieve SDGs Goals

This is time of acute inequalities, the rise of anti-rights movements, shrinking civic spaces and the increase of conservatism and radicalism globally. Powerful collective responses from the feminist movement are required to achieve SDGs and to put women’s rights and priorities at the top of local and global policy agendas. This renews the urgency for organising and collaborating on transformative feminist approaches and practices that help respond effectively to these challenges. Transformative leadership as a frame and an approach is increasingly recognized.


Attacks on women’s rights are being resisted by feminist movements working on both individual leadership and collective activism. Transformative approaches that build bridges between the individual capacity and collective efforts and at the same time take in changes in the formal political sphere, in parallel with work in the informal sphere - social norms and values - are increasing helping to overcome barriers to women and girls’ participation and voice, so they can become powerful agents of change in sustainable and inclusive societies, and achieving the SDG goals.


This session will explore the concepts and use of transformative approaches and feminist partnerships at local and community level to amplify women and girls’ voices, with a focus on those facing exclusions from making decisions and influence the SDG agenda. It will present feminist innovations and piloted initiatives from different countries to dream, test and build solutions to the problems they identify in their communities. Feminist organising around the world is bringing success to resist and helping communities to defend their rights.


Speakers will share theory, experiences, strategies and learnings; from different parts of the world; of collective feminist leadership to facilitate safe and enabling environments for transformative change: Dr. Hadeel Qazzaz, Oxfam MENA Regional Gender Justice Coordinator with Soukeina Bouraoui, Centre of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR), Haneen Zeidan- RWDS, OPT and Reflections from the panel with Violet Shivutse, www.huairou.org 

Presentations followed by discussion amongst speakers and audience to exchange ideas on those innovative approaches and new partnerships which will have been referred to during presentations, lessons learned, measuring progress, etc.


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