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New paper: Transformative Leadership for Women's Rights in Africa: Learning from Oxfam's work

There are 22 in our council.  We women are only 8…but the men are noisy but not effective. If men are not accounting, we will. We’re showing a different way of doing things.” Councillor, Kitgum, Northern Uganda

Oxfam’ believes that women’s own agency is central to achieving lasting change at all levels - in households, communities, businesses, and decision-making spaces across the world. Our ‘Gender Justice’ work – in Africa and globally - therefore focuses on supporting women themselves to occupy positions of power and influence in their communities and organizations; to support developing their own visions and strategies for change; and support building the organizations and movements required to affirm that achieving women’s rights is a foundation for all development goals.

Across the continent, our work has seen support for women’s smart, effective and inclusive leadership in a myriad of spaces and places – always responding to the critical issues of local contexts – and always seeking to test and strengthen learning and practice across the sector about what makes for truly transformative leadership for women’s rights. 

Developed for the 2016 African Women Leader's Symposium, this short paper reflects on learning and experience from our transformative women's leadership programme practice across the African continent.


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