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Great example of transformative programming in Burundi - livelihoods and transformative women's leadership at their combined best....!

Identity, Dignity and Empowerment: TLWR School in Buhema

“We have demonstrated that we women are also capable. We can also plan for the future and ride bikes just like men. In construction work we make bricks or collect water. Now we are doing development work.” TLWR School participant, Buhema

Introducing an exciting case study from Oxfam in Burundi where partners in a livelihood programme piloted work with local women activists and leaders through focussed training and accompaniment via a Transformative Leadership for Women's Rights school....

"Circles of reflection have created a sense of cohesion, solidarity and support within the group. Traditional community agricultural practices have been revived, such as ‘Guhindaikibiri’ (a community working technique whereby people help others to complete a task). This has meant a reduction time investment in the fields as there are more hands to help. Furthermore, savings and loan groups have been further devel-oped and many women have been able to set up small businesses, trading their products to earn an income. For example, in Buhema women have been given a plot of land by the town, near to the market, where they plan to set up a processing business for agricultural products."

*for the French language TLWR Toolkit and Facilitator Guide used to deliver the participatory TLWR school trainings - see our Resources page for free downloads :)

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