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Add your Voice Urgently - Call upon the Nigerian Senate to Pass the VAPP Bill into Law

Friends and members of this online community may remember the small contribution that RHV funding and our solidarity made to the Nigerian women's movement's Herculean efforts to progress the Violence Against Peoples Prohibition Bill through the courts. 

Today, the campaign is asking for you help to call upon the Nigerian Senate to pass the Bill through its final of 3 readings.  


We have 6 months (before this Senate's term ends) to pass the Bill into LAW or risk have it delayed again until a new Senate is inaugurated.  For more detail about the VAPP campaign see the WRAPA case study in the key documents listings on the right had side of this page - RHV and VAWG Nigeria Case Study 

Background - why this is important: 

The Violence Against Persons Prohibition Bill (VAPP Bill) which seeks to protect Nigerians especially women and children from all forms of violence in both private and public spaces has been before the Nigerian Assembly since 2002and currently before the Senate. On 16 October, 2014 it passed through its second reading at the floor of the Senate in response to the demands of the civil society and Nigerians to have the bill passed. At this time we have only about 6 months (before the expiration of the current Senate) left to ensure that VAPP Bill is passed into LAW by the Senate or have it returned before it in 2015 when a new Senate is inaugurated. With the recent increase in all forms of violence (physical assault, rape, incest, domestic violence, kidnap, abduction, e.t.c) especially against women and children in our society, Nigerians and the Nigerian State can't afford to wait for the next legislative term to pass the bill while it lets offenders and culprits go free and their victims groan in agony because we haven't got a better Law to bring justice to bear. Join in calling on the Nigerian Senate to do what is necessary to pass the VAPP Bill before the end of its current term. The time to take act(ion) is now!



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