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Empowering women to engage effectively in governance

Useful resources: women's rights campaigns and advocacy....engaging political parties, quotas etc

  • Hot vs Cold campaigning – really useful short reflection piece on ‘what works’ in campaigns
  • A new women’s rights advocacy toolkit – useful stuff!
  • Fantastic robust new research into the success factors behind VAWG legal reform – more than increases in GDP, leftist governments or the existence of quotas it was the existence of a strong feminist movement that helped secure reforms. Share this with partners and fundraisers....its gold dust for funding applications!
  • A fantastic research paper on the impact in 8 countries of quotas – their value and limitations for a women’s rights agenda.
  • A fantastic range of materials from the Commonwealth Secretariat on work with political parties and ICTs.
  • Equal Pay day initiative – clever UK campaign to demonstrate pay inequalities. On 7th November each year women effectively stop being paid for the rest of the year...read more

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