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Latest Right to Be Heard Update

0907 RTBH Update.pdf
For those of you who haven't received this via other channels, here is the latest RTBH Update - an informal newsletter of news from Oxfam's programmes and useful resources. This issue includes an introduction from Fran Equiza, our new Aim 4 lead. Do let me know what you think and please send me contributions for the next issue!

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Women and Political Power


The Millennium Development Goals Report 2009

Women & Political Power

The proportion of seats held by women in parliament continues to rise slowly.

Averaging 18 percent across all chambers of parliament as of January 2009, women hold 30 percent or more of single or lower chamber seats in 24 countries and 30 percent or more of upper chamber seats in 15… Continue

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Promoting Gender Equity In Local Governance – A Toolkit

This draws on Latin American experience, but I imagine it'd be relevant anywhere.

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Taking the Au Women's Rights Protocol to the rural community in Liberia

WOLPNET held a one day sensitization on raising her voice for community leaders in the Totota community in Bong County ,Liberia on August 20.

The female clan chief and the male town chief were very excited about the protocol and and asked WOLPNET to assist them in engaging the Central Government on the Au Women Rights Protocol. the participants highlighted cultural practices as the main obstacles to implementing the protocol. Women were very opened in telling their stories while some of… Continue

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LAC meeting of RHV staff and partners

We've finished day 1 of the LAC RHV meeting. It's great to meet everyone and learn more about all of their work and the challenges they face. The British Ambassador in Guatemala opened the meeting. She is the youngest British Amabassador anywhere & she was very keen to help etc. She has promised to visit the RHV project in Guatemala and she held a brief meeting with the RHV PM and partner (Visitacion Padilla) from Honduras - as she coveres Honduras as well.

We spent a lot of time… Continue

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Should RHV have its own "voice"?

Some recent headlines/new stories around violence against women have been truly frightening - the Afghan wife-starving law is a good example and there are many examples from all over the world - from RHV countries but really from everywhere. Recently, the Pan Africa team has been working on the case of the women being prosecuted and threatened with flogging for wearng trousers.

This leads me to wonder if we - as a programme - should find ways to develop a voice on these issues and of… Continue

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Meeting on formulating guidelines on reporting on the AU Protocol on the Rights of Women

I just attended a meeting organized by the Centre for Human Rights (University of Pretoria) and the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Pretoria, South Africa on 6-7 August to discuss draft guidelines for state reporting on the AU Protocol on the Rights of Women. The Centre for Human Rights together with its LL.M students put together a draft guideline borrowing from the existing guidelines under CEDAW and the African Charter. The meeting brainstormed on how to ensure that the… Continue

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Raising Her Voice in Papua

Shanty, Susanne, Linche and Ines, all Oxfam Great Britain staff, were together in Papua. We discussed gender equality and governance and many issues of gender and culture and religion with partners. We also spent a great day with the communities celebrating (through dances and songs, with men and women) the achievements of RHV so far and hearing what the women have to say. Despite the fact that RHV is still relatively new, the women feel strongly that this is already offering them the… Continue

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CAPWIP capacity building in Manila, The Philippines - Making Governance Gender Responsive (1)

From 23-31 July 2009, Miss Hadeezah Haruna, Programme Manager, Raising Her Voice, at Women’s Rights Advancement and Protection Alternative (WRAPA), Abuja, Nigeria, and I (Osaro Odemwingie, Manager for RHV at OGB in Nigeria) attended a capacity building on Making Governance Gender Responsive in Manila, the Philippines. The programme, the 9th in the series, was organized by Center For Asia Pacific Women In Politics (CAPWIP). The global RHV project facilitated our attendance in an effort to build… Continue

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Upcoming tasks: logframes

Having just sent off the Year 1 report for DFID/KPMG, I am reflecting on the process a bit - what went well, what didn't and how we can make it easier (& better) next time. Many of the country reports were excellent - full of useful information. One, however, didn't follow the format at all. A few reports were late - one arriving only last week. Most were very long and I had to edit about 350 pages (or more) down to 15. So we all need to think a bit about this.

One task that is… Continue

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Project planning and partner capacity

I just wanted to share some thoughts with you about project planning and partner capacity. Several RHV Project Managers have shared concerns over partner capacity. Most of the time, this seems to focus on the partner not having the people to do the work they have said they will do. When I have asked whether or not this is included in the project budget, I have been told several times that it isn't or that the amount allocated is not enough. This can mean that the partner staff are doing RHV… Continue

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reflections on expenditure

I've been working a lot over the last week or two with lots of the RHV Project Managers looking at expenditure and meeting the deadline of the end of DFID's financial year. Here are a couple of observations:

I have seen one country working with partners on the basis of expenditure. I feel - quite strongly - that this isn't a partnership. It is a sort of sub-contracting. It must be very difficult for the partners to plan and work.

A few countries thought that we had to do… Continue

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Using twitter for communications

I have set up a twitter channel for Rasing Her Voice. The twitter address is http://twitter.com/RaisingHerVoice - but I am trying to link it in to this site. the idea is that we could all send brief updates about what we are doing. I will share the login details by e-mail. This would mean we could all access it. Could be interesting to try out.

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Raising Her Voice mentioned in top newspaper in Guatemala

Please follow the link to see the article


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Social networking

It's hard trying to set this up - I realize I need to understand what tools people are already using and then how this can link in to it.

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Week 1

I'm learning a huge amount about this exciting programme and trying to get my head around everything. looking forward to the first draft of the inception report.

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Ford Foundation, Nairobi looking for a Programme Office for their Protecting Women’s Rights in East Africa portfolio

"The Foundation’s Nairobi office seeks a dynamic individual to implement, monitor and coordinate grant making programs focused on the Protecting Women’s Rights. The overall goals of this initiative are to support efforts to fully implement national and regional laws and international commitments that address gender inequality and discrimination; build effective women’s networks and human rights organization that address structural

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