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SOAWR Documentary on the voices of women in rural context around the Maputo Protocol

*Introductory message from the Solidarity for African Women's Rights coalition and Secretariat hosts, Equality Now, Nairobi.

"We take this opportunity to share with you a video documentary that we recently developed under the title (Echoing African Rural Women’s Voices) which is available here. The documentary captures voices of women in the rural areas of Senegal and Nigeria and specifically their thoughts around the rights as articulated in the Protocol and the extent to which they are enjoying these rights as well as the challenges they encounter in realizing the promise of the Protocol. 

The issues raised in the documentary while capturing the voices of African women, also highlight some of the gaps that can only be filled if countries implement the protocol. We welcome you to discuss these gaps and achievements on the rights enshrined in the protocol with organized groups of stakeholders and women in your respective countries."

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