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Shanty's diary on CSW meeting 2010 part 2.

2 March

I was joining morning session (10AM-12PM): Women in Decision making; Where are we, years after Beijing, organized by NGOCC. This is an interesting session. Everybody agreed that we are on the right track but we have to accelerate the speed. Detail info is available on: http://www.widnet.org.zm/news.php?id=69

@12PM am attending Asia Pacific Caucus Meeting that scheduled for series on March 2nd,March 5th; and March 12th, moderated by Asia Pacific Women Watch and hosted by Isis International. More info on this, please klick: http://apww.isiswomen.org/list/archive/msg00814.html

@2PM: I was joining “Beijing fifteen: Women and Health” session by Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation. On this session the speakers present re women’s health in general (includes women’s status on HIV/Aids and Reproductive health) to mental health. I remember that in WHO’report on Women and Health, there is strong message: Addressing women’s health is a necessary and effective approach to strengthening health systems overall – action that will benefit everyone. Improving women’s health matters to women, to their families, communities and societies at large. Improve women’s health – improve the world!

@4PM: I want to attending the session: “Sharing of good practices to achieve MDG’s Number Three”, but unfortunately the room is full already. A man stands up in front of the door, to make sure no more people come in L A lot of women disappointed because they can not join this session, but what we can do? :-D

@night: I got respond for my text from the Indonesian Minister of Women Empowerment, she agree to have meeting with Indonesian NGO team on Saturday 6 March 2010, lunch time. Great news for me! J

3 March

All Oxfam RHV team are attending International Women’s Day celebration @UN building. Interactive Expert Panel on: Linkages between implementation of the Platform for Action and achievement of the MDG’s. The issues paper is available on: www.un.org/.../Issues%20paper_BPfA_MDG%20panel_11%20Feb.pdf

Since I volunteer to organize the meeting with Indonesian delegation, then I stop the minister and the mission at the UN’s lobby after the IWD celebration, and ask them to consider the meeting on Thursday 4 March at 6PM, before the reception. They both agree. Great!

@2PM, Oxfam GB team finishing the presentation, and determine the agenda of the session, as follows:

· Introduction by Shanty

· Experience of women from the grass roots in Honduras by Alba Luz Robledo

· Guatemala by Eluvia Herrera

· Pakistan political participation trough media by Amar Shindu

· Experience of women from the grass roots in Pakistan Nigar Rauf

· Indonesia by Shanty on be half of Maria Pigai

· Discussion moderates by Ines

4 March

I am joining very interesting morning session today: Empowerment of Indigenous Women and Girls, by Instituto Internazionale Maria Ausiliatrice. Indigenous womens from Latin America share their experience on how they struggle with the situation, and get the dignity though economic empowerment program that they involve. And the most important part of their empowerment program is to make women literate. Good point!

Then I have discussion again with Indonesian NGO team 12-3PM to prepare tonight lobbying with the Indonesia permanent Mission for UN and the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection. We all agree that we will only have one agenda, to make it focus, for our statement/recommendation which is to push Indonesian Government to commit on Gender Entity. This is inline with UN Gender Entity Reform campaign.

Tonight is the BIG night….. The Indonesian NGO team stand by at the Indonesia Consulate General office at 6PM, to have a separate meeting with the delegation before the reception. The reception is arranged by Consulate General office for Indonesian in NY to meet and greet the Minister of Women and Empowerment. Well…..unfortunately the Mission and the Minister come late due to another meeting that they have. But we success to spoke out to the Indonesian Delegation witnessed by around 150 people that sitting at the reception room, and the important is that the delegation agreed with our recommendation which is Gender Entity. After reception, we are lucky to have separate meeting with the delegation on 09-10.30PM. We explore the priority issues that the Government of Indonesia and NGO in Indonesia has to undertake together, which are: 154 Indonesian local laws that discriminative toward women, Women participation in politic and governance especially in local level, Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Women’s Migrant worker. The Minister offers us to have another meeting to discuss on detail later on in Jakarta. We are all happy with the result. Good! J

To access the Indonesian Government statement please click: http://www.un.org/womenwatch/daw/beijing15/high-level_plenary.html

5 March

This is the day that we wait for since we arrive……The event! Voices from the grassroots!

OGB side event at the Commission for the Status of Women (CSW) objectives are:

· Amplify the voices of the grass root women about women’s political participation and leadership and enhance their speaking, lobbying, and leadership skills

· To share information on the OGB ‘Raising Her Voice’ programme

· To feed the CSW recommendation by states, INGOs, etc.

I thing more then 100 people are coming to Oxfam GB – RHV side event. People are very interesting to hear our experience. Big thanks to Ines to moderate the discussion and with her plan to have unique discussion methodology, the discussion in pairs: ‘from your experience what work to encourage women’s leadership and participation’. Thank you to Fiona and Oxfam America team as well for all the arrangement.

6 March

Flying back home….with a long list to do…. J

See you on next story…..


RHV Indonesia

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