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"Have faith in Syrian women. We can do anything...." Why including Syria's women in negotiations is critical for the peace process.

A few days after the high-profile summit on ending sexual violence in conflict hosted by the UK government and Angelina Jolie in London, a group of Syrian women met in Amman, Jordan. There were no celebrities at this meeting, and no cameras. In fact, if there had been cameras many of the women would not have been able to participate. 

This was a meeting of the Syrian Women’s Initiative for Peace and Democracy (SWIPD) – a network of women’s civil society organizations - to develop plans to influence a political solution to the ongoing crisis that continues to ravage Syria and send shockwaves through the wider region.

Three long years into the conflict, the atmosphere in Amman was frank and unsentimental. One participant remarked: ‘The international community has been looking on while we got to where we are now – between two fires, between two hells.’ 

Jenny Enarsson, Oxfam's Syria crisis response gender advisor, explains why including Syria's women in negotiations is critical for the peace process. Read the full blog here: http://blogs.oxfam.org/en/blogs/14-06-26-have-faith-syrian-women-we...

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