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Changing attitudes and laws around gender based violence, from UN conference halls to village committees.


Read Cat Meredith's excellent Blog post on Oxfam's Policy and Practice a quick tour of the globe to capture both the horror of the pandemic that is gender based violence and the hope for a society where women and girls live violence free lives.

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VSO Briefing Paper: Advancing Women's Power & Participation in Political & Public Life

An invitation to read this great briefing paper produced by VSO.  Persuasive and robust, it makes a strong case for how to make the most of the post 2015 MDG framework to promote and support women's participation and influence in political and public life.


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Celebrating a decade of the African Women's Rights Protocol

"It remains a fact that gender parity is a challenge for women across the globe. Yet the African continent boasts an exemplary legal instrument that guarantees comprehensive rights to women - The Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights on the Rights of Women which marked its 10 year anniversary on July 11, 2013", writes Nairobi based Faiza Jama Mohamed of Equality Now in her article summarising the historic importance of the…


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The Politics of Our Lives: The Raising Her Voice in Pakistan Experience

We are delighted to announce the launch of another RHV case study, showing the difference that RHV has made to the lives of 187,500 women and men in Pakistan.

This paper paints a vivid picture of the amazing achievements of some 1,500 women activists, who with the support of the Aurat Foundation and Oxfam Pakistan, have enabled women to step into public spaces and make their voices not only heard but matter.

Just as importantly, the paper shares some of the learning about ways…


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Join the day of action against femicide in Honduras


‘In memory of their lives, we will not allow their deaths to go unpunished’…


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Never too late to celebrate - the passing of the VAPP Bill in Nigeria

History is made as Nigeria passes domestic violence law

Posted by Jacky Repila Learning and Communications Officer, Raising Her Voice

9th May 2013

 As we celebrate Nigeria's parliamentary approval of a landmark bill on gender based violence, we ask what, and who, made the difference the third time around?

History was made in Nigeria this March. On its third reading,…


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Thank you to Women's rights movements from Jenny Enarsson and Shawna Wakefield

There was some great material, celebratory and thought provoking, added to the Oxfam Policy and Practice website on International Women's Day on Friday. They can be found at http://policy-practice.oxfam.org.uk/blog


One article, written by Jenny Enarsson, Gender Justice Capacity Building Adviser, and Shawna Wakefield, Gender Justice Lead, with Oxfam reminds us of the advances that have been made in women's rights, and the…


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Are global gender norms shifting?

From Poverty to Power's Duncan Green has a new post at http://www.oxfamblogs.org/fp2p/?p=13856 looking at new research from World Bank on global gender norms.

"I've been thinking a bit about norms recently – how do the unwritten rules

that guide so much of our behaviour and understanding of what is

acceptable/right/normal etc evolve over time? Because they undoubtedly do –

look at…


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Tackling VAWG as part of good governance programming

Thank you Asim for the great Blog about Thursday's moot trial in Pakistan.  I could ask for no better introduction to RHV's paper drawing together examples from the RHV community on innovative strategies, just like the moot trial, to bring about changes in attitudes, behaviour and the institutional frameworks that condone or perpetuate violence against women.


We've added a link to the Paper and both the Honduras and Nigeria Case Studies to our Key Documents on the…


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The RHV community is committed to ending violence against women and girls (VAWG), and all forms of gender based violence. 

We are signposting you as practitioners and policy makers to two funding opportunities for work on VAWG:


1.  The first is by the Department for International Development (DFID) in Britain.  For details go to their website…


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Femicide in Honduras: "This machista society breeds a growing and tangible hatred towards women."

On Sunday the UN International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women will help to focus the world's attention on women's right to live a life free from violence. RHV partners in Honduras paint a picture in words of the rising levels of femicide, and the lack of political will on the part of the judiciary, law makers and enforcers to deal with it. 

To find out more go to the Oxfam Policy and Practice website…


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"My father, my home" — Botswana ruling in favour of daughters' right to inherit

On the 12th October four Botswana sisters won the legal right to inherit their father's estate, that's good news for them and for women across Africa.  In a groundbreaking case, Judge Key Dingake ruled that customary rule law (which would have forced the sisters to leave the home in favour of a male relative) was anti-constitutional violating their right to equality under section 3(a) of the Constitution.

Whilst remaining mindful of the need to be vigilant as we hear of the possible…


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