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March 2017 GADN Consultancy: Development of Gender in Political Analysis Practitioners’ Guidance Note

Short-term Consultancy - March 2017


The GADN Women’s Participation and Leadership (WPL) working group is seeking a short-term consultant to support the working group in the development of a ‘Practitioners Guidance Note’ around Gender in Political Analysis and Politically-smart Programming, aiming to ground future sector practice around political analysis and politically-smart programming in a better understanding of women’s political…


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New Oxfam Research Backgrounder: Transformative, Feminist Leadership for Women's Rights."

The complex threats to women’s rights today, particularly in societies dealing with conflict, poverty, and inequality, requires a critical mass of feminist leaders to lead the way in shifting oppressive power dynamics that keep harmful systems in place.

Women’s organizations and movements are creating alternative models, ones…


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New paper: Transformative Leadership for Women's Rights in Africa: Learning from Oxfam's work

There are 22 in our council.  We women are only 8…but the men are noisy but not effective. If men are not accounting, we will. We’re showing a different way of doing things.” Councillor, Kitgum, Northern Uganda

Oxfam’ believes that women’s own agency is central to achieving lasting change at all levels - in households, communities, businesses, and decision-making spaces across the world. Our ‘Gender Justice’ work – in Africa and…


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Ahmad Ghourabi, l’étudiant qui veut faire avancer les droits des femmes....

For all French speakers amongst you....this article from Oxfam's Lana programme (meaning "ours" in Arabic) currently being supported in Lebanon, Jordan, and Northern Iraq.

Lana aims to increase women’s meaningful participation in the way decisions are made in the home, community, and wider society (so the private and public spheres) with…


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Time For Women To Lead....Join our Call to Action

Women’s participation in national politics across the Middle East and North Africa is the LOWEST in the world. But there are women who want to make change happen and want to actively engage in political and civic life throughout the region. Where women have been involved as such – social, economic and political gender inequality has reduced. …


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Celebrated Honduran women’s rights defender Gladys Lanza found guilty of defamation - Take Action

Raising Her Voice friends and family may recognise Gladys Lanza - a Honduran feminist activist and representative of Visitacion Padilla, our long-time women's rights partner in Honduras. 

Gladys was recently found guilty of defamation - for defending a woman who accused a well-connected government official of sexual harassment. "The verdict is aimed at sending a powerful message to all defenders of women’s rights in the country: “If you don’t want to be prosecuted, stay…


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Add your Voice Urgently - Call upon the Nigerian Senate to Pass the VAPP Bill into Law

Friends and members of this online community may remember the small contribution that RHV funding and our solidarity made to the Nigerian women's movement's Herculean efforts to progress the Violence Against Peoples Prohibition Bill through the courts. 

Today, the campaign is asking for you help to call upon the Nigerian Senate to pass the Bill through its final…


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New Resource: Progress on women's empowerment: from technical fixes to political action

Helpful overview from the Overseas Development Institute of key development theories and concepts shaping women's empowerment thinking today and how these are put into action.....a good reminder for all of us and useful sections for sharing with non-gender colleagues (plus a great bibliography!)

Key messages:

- Women’s empowerment is a process of personal and social change through which they gain power, meaningful choices and control over their…


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Young Feminist Fund - FRIDA's 2014 Call for Proposals

After four years since it’s founding, FRIDA remains the only youth-led fund in the world focused exclusively on supporting global young feminist activism.

FRIDA's Young Feminist Fund is now open for applications - for full details, please…


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"Have faith in Syrian women. We can do anything...." Why including Syria's women in negotiations is critical for the peace process.

A few days after the high-profile summit on ending sexual violence in conflict hosted by the UK government and Angelina Jolie in London, a group of Syrian women met in Amman, Jordan. There were no celebrities at this meeting, and no cameras. In fact, if there had been cameras many of the women would not have been able to participate. 

This was a…


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Building women’s leadership in the most difficult places (Pakistan) – Raising Her Voice case study for your comments

Well known for its highly articulate and influential women, Pakistan is also notorious for the severe restrictions placed on women’s personal and political liberties.




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UK Young Women Speak Out: Their European Parliament Manifesto for Change

A great initiative from young women acroos the UK, supported by NAWO to help put Gender on Europe’s Agenda.

The detailed 6-point Manifesto includes calls for the EU to address the representation and treatment of women in the media - including social media and for more education on gender equality and sexual relationships.

Read the full report -…


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‘Hope’: a new fund to promote women’s rights in the 'Arab Spring' countries

A great new blog from Oxfam's 'Amal' programme reflecting on the changes for women three years after the…


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First UN Resolution on the Protection of Women Human Rights Defenders

Civil Society Section

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights…


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When women get together great things are possible – lessons from Raising Her Voice


For five years Raising Her Voice has worked in 17 countries to promote women’s participation and influence in decision making. Here Emily Brown, programme coordinator, shares her lessons as we launch the final programme evaluation and summary......


‘A few years back when I visited their villages, these women used to hide their faces when I…


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Useful resources: women's rights campaigns and advocacy....engaging political parties, quotas etc


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FRIDA 2013 - Young Feminists Programme Call for Proposals now open!

Check it out: http://eepurl.com/vmCpD


Following the success of our first round of grantmaking, we are looking forward to supporting up to 16 more  young feminist groups from around the world. We believe that supporting young feminist organising is key to the expansion, rejuvenation, and sustainability of women’s movements and organizations,…


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New report reveals alarming attitudes about rape - 37% of men in Eastern DRC report having raped a woman

Depressing news from a DRC study by the Sonke Gender Justice Network that found more than one in three of the 708 men surveyed in the war-torn east admits committing sexual assault, and that three in four believe that a woman who "does not dress decently is asking to be raped." Read more from this excellent, nuanced report here:…


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RHV partner SOAWR Applauds Leadership of the African Group at the United Nations for FGM Draft Resolution

30 October 2012:

The global effort to eliminate female genital mutilation (FGM) has taken a critical step forward with the official presentation of a draft resolution by the Group of African States at the United Nations. The draft resolution, “Intensifying Global Efforts for the Elimination of Female Genital Mutilations,” was advanced by African leadership at multiple levels, including the Inter African Committee on Harmful Traditional Practices and the First Ladies of Benin and…


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